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Koi CBD Interview Doctor Jennifer Knaack & Jonathan Wark : Brent Mason Humanity Health CBD Avon, IN


CBD is a brand new industry, so we expect our customers to have a lot of questions. If you can’t make it out to our store in Avon (Indiana) for a face-to-face conversation, you can always reach out to us over the phone, through our website, or any of our social media channels. We also know that not all of our customers are comfortable asking questions, or sharing the reason that has them considering CBD in the first place, and that’s fine too. For those customers, and for those new to CBD in general we’ve been interviewing our vendors to provide you with as much information about CBD as possible, and we also think it’s important for you to know our vendors in the way we know our vendors.

Our first interview is with Koi CBD, and guys we’re really proud of this one, it’s a fun and informative interview with:

Doctor Jennifer Knaack – Senior Director of Compliance and Science: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-knaack-8bb1153/


Jonathan Wark – National Sales Director:


∙ Full Spectrum VS Broad Spectrum 11:42

∙ Mass Spectrometer 17:12

∙ CBD Inhaler 19:49

∙ CBD Tincture / Why MCT Oil? 24:05

∙ CBD Topical 27:39

∙ Dr. Jennifer’s Baby NEW CBD Roll-On / Tennis Elbow 31:07

∙ NEW CBD Cosmetics 36:30


∙ Koi CBD at Humanity Health CBD https://humanityhealthcbd.com/brands/koi/

∙ Koi CBD Inhaler Dreamsicle https://humanityhealthcbd.com/koi-cbd-inhaler-dreamsicle-1000mg/

∙ Koi CBD Inhaler Mojito https://humanityhealthcbd.com/koi-cbd-inhaler-mojito-1000mg/

∙ Koi Pain Relieving Gel Roll-On https://humanityhealthcbd.com/koi-cbd-pain-relieving-gel-roll-on-500mg/


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