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How To Winterize Cannabis Extract at Room Temperature with L-SEP


Precision is pleased to announce our all-new revolutionary L-SEP, short for Lipid Separation, process. L-SEP instantaneously winterizes cannabis extract (a process that separates fats and waxes from plant oil extract) at room temperature. With Precision’s high throughput L-SEP, the cannabis winterization process is reduced from the industry standard of 24 hours to less than 10 minutes with over 97% of lipid removal from crude oil. Cannabis and hemp processors that utilize this technology will also save on expensive refrigeration and temperature control costs since the process is performed at room temperature.

The L-SEP winterization process can be customized to almost any scale, depending on individual processing demands. The 60LPH base configuration model comes standard with 100L vessel/filter press combination and all necessary appendages. The L-SEP 60LPH, which works with both hydrocarbon and CO2 crude cannabis and hemp extracts, is capable of processing up to 60 liters of crude oil per hour at a cost of less than 50 cents per liter.

To VIEW equipment package and request a quote, visit: https://precisionextraction.com/lsep-winterization-process/


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