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Santa Marta Purple Heirloom Cannabis Sativa Strain from Kiona


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Santa Marta Purple Heirloom Cannabis Sativa Strain from Kiona

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Today, we are reviewing a strain called Santa Marta Purple. This is from our friends over at Kiona and this is their black label, their black top jars. Limited reserve, tropical and heirloom cannabis, Santa Marta Purple Tropical Sativa. Now I believe that this is supposed to be from Columbia originally. The total THC is 14.35%, total CBD is 0.08, total cannabinoids 16.27%. It’s not a real high score, but again we know that numbers are just that, numbers. It really it goes into the terpene profile and all kinds of other things. I’m personally not feeling so well. My nausea from the Crohn’s disease is really kind of rearing its head so I definitely want to smoke some good medicine.

The unburned herb in the jar has that cedar wood scent. The buds aren’t super pretty, but they are interesting and there is a lot of purple going through them. We don’t have a bong out here so we’re just smoking a joint today. The dry pull on the Santa Marta Purple, is light, grape, and cedar. Definitely has that purplish kind of flavoring that you get from purple strains, but it also has that cedar, that sativa kind of nose to it. Cheers everybody. Santa Marta Purple from Kiona.

It’s got a mellow taste to it, kind of sweet, little woody, but not overpowering in either direction.

The ash is coming up pretty light, which we do like to see. I’m feeling nice and mellow. This is my first weed of the day. It’s about 10:30am. Nice buzz, very nice buzz. Feeling very relaxed. I’m feeling it more in my abdomen. Which is kind of weird for sativa, but maybe it’s just tricking me.

Pesticides: plant extract, yeast and enzymes. Packaged February 12th, 2020, but they don’t say when it was harvested. They typically give their flower a fairly long cure if I’m not mistaken. It could very well have been cut last year. Now I kind of went on vacation there for a little bit and this is definitely having a mind effect on me.

Anything you smoke is going to be kind of elevated by the surroundings and the atmosphere. Although the grass needs a haircut also, not just me. Hopefully that will happen soon. Wow. This is really hitting me in the head hard. I’m definitely feeling very zonked, very different than what I was feeling five minutes ago, which was more in my gut. Definitely feeling this in the head. Nice smooth smoke. It’s got a real mouth coating kind of purpley flavor. It has those cedary, woody kind of overtones on the flavor that I’m getting. I like the Santa Marta Purple.

I do have some reservations with respect to the combustibility of it. It’s been a little bit difficult smoking, but once you get it smoking, it’s great. But it’s a little bit, like I said, the combustibility is an issue to me. It’s not super pretty. I believe this is greenhouse or light dep grown. Typically these sativas take a really long time and you can’t grow them totally outdoors in Washington State, certainly not in the western part of the state. If it’s not outdoor outdoor, it’s probably greenhouse. I don’t think they grow this under lights exclusively. They may have some lighting supplementing. I don’t really know, but it’s nice for a change. It’s something different. The price point, I think this was 30 bucks for an eighth, which is pretty reasonable. 10 bucks a gram. It’s not bad.

It’s worth trying And it is an heirloom strain. You’re not going to find this. Low numbers, low THC numbers, but it’s really all about the terpenes, the purples, it’s got a really nice mellow feeling. It’s not going to lock me down for the rest of the day. I’m not going to be stuck on this chair. It’s good for a good intense 20 minutes and then it’ll extend out probably for 60 to 90 minutes and probably trail off a little bit longer than that, I’m suspecting. Again, it depends on whether you’ve eaten, whether you’re sleepy, there’s so many factors that go into it.
I am a WA State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my Crohn’s Disease.

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