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Seventh Step to Starting a Medical Cannabis Business in Oklahoma


Seventh Step to Starting a Medical Cannabis Business in Oklahoma. Dispensaries need an Oklahoma tax permit because they sell retail and so they’re going to be collecting taxes.

So if you are wanting to start a dispensary, then you must apply for an Oklahoma tax permit through the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

It’s a little bit more complicated then getting an EIN. It’s doable, but it’s a little bit more complicated but it’s a necessity if you’re going to do a dispensary.

Go to the OMMA website, there’s a link that says businesses or business, and you click on that and there’s a drop down box and it’s at the bottom, it says forms. It’s listed in those forms, under businesses.

Basically what you have to do is you have to fill it out and put each owner’s name, their share of the business, what their role, title is and I think that’s pretty much everything. It’s a real simple document.

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