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An MGCQ Walk from Naguilian Road to Baguio City CBD (Walking Distance Challenge)


Baguio City has been known to be a Walkable City. Today, we are going on another walking tour. This time, walking on a route that is walked by a lot of people on an everyday basis. Especially since the threat of the coronavirus is still everywhere and nowhere at the same time, walking is a form of exercise and a way to reach our destination as safe as possible. We also opted not to add background music like most of our walking tours so that you could hear the sounds of the City of Pines on a sunny day. Hope you will enjoy this walk and if you’ve ever walked this path, let us know in the comments section below!

We do walking tours not just for our health, but to also put our kailyans who cannot tour the City of Baguio for now because of the current travel restrictions in place and walk them around the different sceneries and daily hustles and bustles of the city.

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Please stay home unless you have work or anything absolutely essential to do, and if you do need to go out, practice kindness, mindfulness, and social distancing. Wear masks and let’s all be safe and healthy so can all heal as one.

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