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Chronic Injury – How to FIX your Pain [It works]


As a Rehabilitation specialist and Trainer I have been working solidly for the last 12 years with athletes, gym goers and people from all walks of life in order to help them get over their injuries. Before this I spent many years in contact sports that have honed my rehab skills very sharply. Many therapists have never been injured or even exercised but I’ve done both to excess.

There are certain concepts in this video that will really help most people get over their problems.

In this video I go over the six main reasons that may be at the source of your injury and Five fixes to get you up and running.

Watch the whole video because there are parts in here where I give specific advice for certain supplements etc that are really going to help you.

This is for tendonitis and arthritic style injuries and not for more acute fractures and tears etc although it does still have an impact.

If you have more specific injuries and need help then please don’t hesitate to message below and I’ll come back to you asap.

Stay Safe



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