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Marijuana, Anxiety and Tourette’s, Synthetic Cannabinoid Production and Judicicary Subcommittee


In domestic news, the House judiciary subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security holds the first hearing of its kind in the U.S. on how to reform federal marijuana laws to grant justice to those affected by the War on Drugs. Although some lawmakers disagree on how to go about doing so, with adult use cannabis legal in eleven states and the majority of Americans in support of legalization, most admit a policy change is needed.

In California, industry players question the legality of the practice of purchasing shelf space in dispensaries, which is currently unclear. The practice is common in mainstream grocery and department stores but is largely banned in the liquor industry. Some argue that it’s a win-win situation for stores and suppliers, giving companies an opportunity to market their product, while others say it’s a pay-to-play scheme pricing out smaller craft cannabis businesses. Let us know what you think online at Cannabis Broadcast Station.

In Pennsylvania, anxiety and Tourette’s syndrome join the list of 21 qualifying health conditions under the state’s two year-old medical marijuana program. With anxiety disorders currently the most common mental illness in the country, the move is expected to open up access to over one and a half million Pennsylvania residents.

In Montana, two competing adult use cannabis legalization measures gain support. Both have similar provisions, including tax rate designations and protections from out-of-state business ventures, and both are aiming for the 2020 ballot, leading some to worry about splitting the vote and delaying recreational legalization.

In the finance sector, Demetrix raises investment funds for research on synthetic cannabinoid production. The California-based company received 50 million dollars led by investment group Tuatara Capital with support from existing investor Horizons Ventures of Hong Kong. The plan to explore the use of baker’s yeast to yield high volumes of cannabinoids.

In international news, Canada’s largest marijuana retailer, the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store pulls CannTrust’s products from shelves after being sanctioned by Health Canada for conducting unlicensed cultivation and providing false information to the federal agency. The retailer says the hold is temporary pending results of the investigation.

Overseas, Canadian cannabis giant Tilray imports EU Good Manufacturing Practices certified medical cannabis oil to Ireland for the first time under the country’s Medical Cannabis Access Program. The five-year pilot program opens up access to medical cannabis products to patients without a ministerial license, and will make the oil available through the Irish community pharmacy network later this year.

Directed by: Micah Tatum @arbitrageent
News Anchor: Jacqui Verdura

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Directed by: Micah Tatum @arbitrageent
News Anchor: Jacqui Verdura


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