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Massage Matters Podcast- Session 14 – Exercise for Pain Relief with Daniel Lawrence


Exercise for pain relief. It’s a thing, even if it’s hard to convince your clients that’s the case. So what is leading to this analgesia when we exercise, how much do we need to do in order to benefit from its pain relieving effects and how do we explain it to clients in order to increase compliance? For Session 14 we thought we’d call on a chap who is literally writing the book on this, Daniel Lawrence. We discuss Daniel’s book whilst diving into specific chapters, segue into “Long Covid” and pop back out the other side with a reference to Scrubs. A normal Massage Collective podcast then. Daniel is a Physiotherapist with a huge background in MSK including 10 years as a university lecturer, being an accomplished author and both sitting on the board and being lead educator for RockTape UK. You can find out more about Daniel’s latest course, Exercise for Pain Relief here – https://rocktapeukonline.teachable.com/p/exercise-for-pain-relief-part-1


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